We at the Cumberland Perry Paranormal (CPP) are actively searching for the paranormal. We investigate the paranormal in a very scientific manner, using some of the latest electronics in the field. Each member brings to CPP a different skillset which enables us to cover all aspects of the investigation from feelings in the area to being very analytical in our approach. We take our investigations very seriously, documenting each case in our software and supplying the client with a detailed report of our findings. We visit homes, cemeteries, we often can be found at the Gettysburg battlefield. If you believe your home or site has paranormal activity please feel free click the "Contact Me" link to the left and we will get in touch with you. We would like to speak to you and possibly set up a meeting.

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The Cumberland Perry Paranormal Society, was formed by a group of like-minded people, wanting to investigate the paranormal. CPP operates in the Cumberland County, Perry County region of Pennsylvania. We are approximately 20 miles south of our capital of Harrisburg. We operate mainly in those regions branching out into the Adams, Dauphin and Franklin Counties as needed. 

Our mission is to investigate any possible paranormal activity. Analyze any noises, movement or apparitions, to ensure there are no other explanations except the paranormal.

Our members are very dedicated to be professional and take investigations very seriously. When we go on a hunt or hold meetings we have an agenda prepared ahead of time . We as a group try to find answers to the unknown so if you like sitting in a dark attic or basement send us an email. 

Membership on the website is free to all. Once you create an account, you will be activated shortly afterwards by an admin. Login and have fun!